We want to promote more educated and informed professionals in the most advanced FM practices and that is why we ensure that they have the necessary training to acquire this knowledge.




We aim to equip partners with tools for dissemination and representation, business opportunities for collaboration between partners and through external relations, to participate and promote projects of interest to the Facility Management sector, to influence ethically responsible in the Public and Private entities in everything that has reference in legislating our profession and in implanting FM models.




We want to integrate the partner in the FM community to make our collective stronger. We watch over your rights and duties, offering a wide range of activities and services to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge.



"Facility Management brings quality of life to society. By the year 2021, the volume of business of this sector will grow approximately 175 billion..."

Luis Morejón, GWS CBRE Manager.


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Founding Companies

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Partners by Agreement

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